MD, Ph.D
Renowned Specialist Adult & Pediatric Urologist

Dr.Foroozan Khezri

Dr. Foroozan Khezri is a leading and well renowned Specialist Male, Female Pediatric Urologist with experience of more than 20 years in the field of Male, Female and Pediatrics Urology. She has wide expertise in the field of Urology and has conducted more than 15000 surgeries.

Dr. Foroozan has performed both surgical and medical treatment methods for the genitourinary disorders and is specialized for managing conditions of the acquired and congenital kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, prostate, urethra and genital organs.

Her expertise includes minimally-invasive techniques like fiber-optic endoscopic, laser treatment, key-hole surgery and management of acute and chronic urological conditions.


  • Urinary tract stone treatments (medical, minimal invasive, laser, shockwaves)
  • Well experienced in the treatment of female, pediatric and male urine control and/or leakage problems and voiding dysfunctions
  • Special experience ( as fellowship of Pediatric Urology) in the diagnosis and treatment or surgeries for congenital anomalies
    during newborn and afterwards ( like hydronephrosis, reflux of urine, uretero-pelvic stenosis and scars, hypospadias,
    posterior urethral valve and so on)
  • Urinary tract tumors and cysts
  • Urinary tract infection and special care of recurrent bladder infection and bloody urine.
  • Treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction or fertility.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of scrotal disease and pain, torsion, varicocele, hydrocele, cysts and infections.
  • Special experience in doing Urodynamic Study and reports.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic pelvic pain and painful and frequent urination
  • Diagnosis and treatment of prostate infection and enlargement.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of male fertility.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Night Bed Wetting
  • Treatment of Urinary tract problems during pregnancy.


  • Trained and experience at leader universities and Urology Teaching Centers in Tehran-Shiraz (MD-PHD)
  • Lecturer of Urology at Azad Medical University
  • Trained in Labbafi Urology Center as fellowship of Pediatric Urology
  • Zeinabiel University Hospital, head of Urology Division, Consultant Urologist
  • Aliasghar Pediatric Surgery Center (Head of Urology Division)
  • Medcare Hospital, Dubai – Specialist Adult and Pediatric Urologist ( from 2011- present)
  • Iranian Hospital from 2006-2011
  • Belgrade Univeristy, Yugoslavia (graduated 1992 as MD)
  • Training of Urodynamic & Female Urology Diagnosis from Cleveland Clinic


  • Member of American Urology Association (AUA)
  • Member of European Urology Association (EAU)
  • Member of Society International of Urology (SIU)
  • Member of Emirates Medical Associations (EMA)
  • Member of Iranian Urology Association
  • Member of Iranian Endo-urology and Laparoscopy Association
  • Member of Emirates Urology Association


  • New Fascial Patch Method for the treatment of Female Stress Urinary Incontinency
  • Evaluation of Female Sexual Dysfunction in 1000 married women in Iran
  • Correlation of High PSA with Prostate Cancer